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10-year original single malt whisky, by Hellyers Road

 Having tasted a few Australian whiskies recently, we expected something quite muted and oaky. However, this one is truly surprised.

Product details:

  • Brand: Hellyers Road
  • Type: Whiskey, single malt
  • Region: Tasmania
  • RRP: Approx. $90.00 for 700mL

Photograph of 10-year original single malt whisky


Its nose is fairly sedate and floral, but on the first taste you get fullbodied fruit with a very pleasant end note of vanilla and perhaps caramel or butterscotch. But what was that fruity note? After another two drams, there it was: apple! Rather fitting, considering its origin on the apple isle.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and a real example of an Aussie whisky that can compete on the international stage.


10-year original single malt whisky, by Hellyers Road
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