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What It Takes by Mark Bouris

Starting up a business is tough, and renowned businessman Mark Bouris makes no attempt to sugar-coat anything.

Product details:

  • Author: Mark Bouris
  • Publisher: Arena
  • RRP: Paperback: $27.99;
  • e-book: $12.34


What It Takes opens with, “Don’t read this if you want the secret to success”, explaining that there is no magic secret, rather a process of hard work and goal-setting. 

This theme underpins the entire book. In order to do anything worthwhile, and especially to have a business, Mark stresses that you've got to have the right mindset and you've got to keep on working at whatever it is you want to succeed in, never giving up no matter what. 

Mark takes readers on a journey from finding oneself before a business is even thought of, to starting and maintaining a business, right through to exit strategies.



For those who want to see if they have what it takes to really succeed in business, Mark has a few pearls of wisdom.

What It Takes by Mark Bouris
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