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Johnny Enzed by Glyn Harper

The New Zealand soldiers who left these shores to fight in the First World War represented one of the greatest collective endeavours in the nation’s history. Over 100,000 men and women would embark for overseas service and almost 60,000 of them became casualties.

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  • Author: Glyn Harper
  • Publisher: Exisle Publishing
  • RRP: Paperback: $55.00
  • e-book: $14.99

Johnny Enzed book cover


For a small nation like New Zealand this was a tragedy.

Using their personal testimony, this book reveals what these men experienced – the truth of their lives in battle, at rest, at their best and their worst.

Through a comprehensive and sympathetic scrutiny of New Zealand soldiers’ correspondence, diaries and memoirs, a compelling picture of the New Zealand soldier’s war, from general to private, is revealed.



This is not a campaign history of dry facts and detail.

Rather, it examines the everyday experience of trench life in all its shapes and forms.

Diverse topics such as barbed wire, the use of the bayonet, gas attacks, rats, horses, food, communal singing, infectious diseases and much more feature in this account of the New Zealand soldier in the First World War.

It is the story of ordinary men thrust into the most extraordinary circumstances imaginable.

The text is complemented by a range of maps, illustrations, graphs and diagrams.

Johnny Enzed by Glyn Harper
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