Zenful Business: 11 Models for Flow and Peak Performance at Work, by Debbie Pask

Debbie Pask takes business to a spiritual level with Zenful Business, and tries to remove the possibility of burnout common in the hectic lifestyle of business owners.


Product details:

  • Author: Debbie Pask
  • Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
  • RRP: Paperback: $28.99
  • e-book: $11.30


Working in any environment can all too often lead to stress, and too much stress can cause burnout. Debbie Pask takes a 'zenful' approach and breaks business down to yin and yang energies. The yin energy is described to be more intuitive and introverted, while the yang energy takes a more rational and extroverted approach.

By maintaining a balance between the two energies, Pask says business owners can get the most out of their business and life. Swing too heavily towards one or the other, however, and both the business and the owner can suffer greatly.

Zenful Business contains 11 different models for optimal work performance, from understanding oneself and getting in touch with ‘naughty’ self-indulgences, all the way through to understanding what your heart wants.

The book contains many introspective activities for contemplation and spaces to fill in the blanks with your personal answers. Zenful Business feels less like a book than a road map plan for a more equal work/life balance.

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