Momentum: How to build it, keep it or get it back, by Michael McQueen

In Momentum: How to build it, keep it or get it back, Michael McQueen provides a practical guide to creating unstoppable momentum, both in business and life.

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  • Author: Michael McQueen
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • RRP: Paperback: $34.95
  • e-book: $22.99

Momentum: How to build it keep it or get it back


What’s the secret to lasting growth and vitality? How can your organisation get traction and keep it? Why do some ideas fizzle and others flourish? The answer to these three questions is simple: momentum.

Michael McQueen, whose clients include KPMG, Pepsi and Cisco, says we need to build on momentum that’s measurable, sustainable and constant, and work smarter instead of harder.

“It’s not a fleeting or transient feeling,” he says.

“It's a skill that must be fostered, encouraged and nurtured, and it's the biggest success tool in the box.”

Illustrated by local case studies, Michael shows readers how to implement the core practices and characteristics that keep successes coming, avoid the traps that hinder progress, achieve breakthrough results and sustainable success, overcome baggage, monotony and the appeal of immediacy, and build, maintain or reclaim your dynamism and vitality.

Whether you've had a taste of success and long for its return, or feel that something's holding back your potential, Momentum is the essential handbook for understanding the science of success.


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