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A Culture Turned, by Steve Simpson and Stef du Plessis

In A Culture Turned, leadership specialists Steve Simpson and Stef du Plessis have written an engaging business narrative that introduces the concept of UGRs to help organisations transform their culture and their teams.

Product details:

  • Author: Steve Simpson, Stef du Plessis
  • Publisher: Woodslane
  • RRP: Paperback: $30
  • e-book: $20.29

Cover of A Culture Turned


Understanding corporate culture is a vital skill for managers, yet very few understand it in simple and practical terms.

The concept of Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs) changes this – to improve organisational culture and bottom line performance, we need to improve the UGRs.

Simpson, whose clients include Kmart, Toyota and McLaren (UK), shares the story of a supposedly thriving corporation whose COO is on the brink of quitting, due to poor culture driving the organisation's demise.



No one is tackling any of the issues, and employees are only managed when something goes wrong.

A chance meeting on a plane introduces the COO to a man who explains the concept of UGRs, providing the tools and strategies to help get the organisation back on track.

Written with refreshing clarity and practicality, A Culture Turned is a must-read for leaders wishing to transform and lock in a positive, productive workplace culture.

A Culture Turned, by Steve Simpson and Stef du Plessis
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