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War Wounds: Medicine and the Trauma of Conflict, Ashley Ekins and Elizabeth Stuart (eds.)

War Wounds offers considerable insight into an aspect of war that is often mentioned but seldom examined as it is here.

Product details:

  • Editors: Ashley Ekins and Elizabeth Stuart
  • Publisher: Exisle Publishing
  • RRP: Hardcover: $49.99
  • E-book: $14.99

Cover of War Wounds: Medicine and the Trauma of Conflict


The history of warfare and the history of medicine are closely intertwined.

As modern weaponry became more destructive, medicine developed techniques and procedures to deal with the volume and nature of battlefield casualties.

Preventative medicine has also increased the effectiveness of fighting forces through improvements in soldiers’ health and disease resistance.



This book is a collection of chapters by historians, medical practitioners and researchers, former and serving military medical officers, surgeons, nurses and veterans, who explore the impact of war, wounds and trauma through the historical record, reported narratives and personal experiences.

The book includes major sections on World War I (including chapters on shell shock and plastic surgery), World War II (including a chapter on the Nazi death camps), the Vietnam War (including chapters on Agent Orange and sexually transmitted diseases), together with chapters on the Korean War and the current conflict in Afghanistan.

In addition, the book includes several personal stories in which veterans describe their experiences of injury and recovery.

War Wounds: Medicine and the Trauma of Conflict, Ashley Ekins and Elizabeth Stuart (eds.)
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