Building Success: Why Property Investors Need Building Inspections, by Andrew Mackie-Smith

Building Success is a unique, practical and valuable guide for property investors, written from the perspective of a building expert who is also a successful property investor.

Product details:

  • Author: Andrew Mackie-Smith
  • Publisher: Book Baby
  • RRP: E-book: $11.99

Building Success: Why Property Investors Need Building Inspections


Everyone knows it’s a good idea to get a building and pest inspection before you buy a property, but do you know what other inspections are available? How to read the report? How to choose a good inspector? What to ask the inspector? What to do at the inspection? How to negotiate a price reduction by using the report? These and many other important issues are answered in this unique book.

What makes this book different is the use of many real-life case studies to illustrate the various points made.

There are many pro tips and warnings that give bite-sized chunks of information that you can apply straight away.

The knowledge in Building Success can give you a real edge in your property dealings, and can assist you in reducing your risk and saving thousands of dollars by making better, more confident decisions about property.

Whether you are buying, selling or renting out your property, this book is jam-packed with wise tips, warnings, practical advice and real case studies that can guide you through each stage of your investing journey.

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