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SME snippets August 20, 2013

Justin Grey
20 August 2013 1 minute readShare

All the smaller, and often bizarre and humorous, SME-related stories from Australia and abroad that we’ve come across this week.

All the smaller, and often bizarre and humorous, SME-related stories from Australia and abroad that we’ve come across this week.

Speaking with PerthNow this week, WikiLeaks Founder and Aussie hero Julian Assange has vowed to help small businesses cut red tape via his WikiLeaks Party. Speaking from London’s Ecuadorean embassy, Assange reaffirmed that voting for his party in the Federal election would result in, “keeping the bastards honest” in the Senate. The WikiLeaks Party has seven candidates standing for Senate seats nationally, with Assange himself one of the party's Victorian Senate candidates. In the article, Assange said his party will soon unveil its small business policy and red tape reduction policy to highlight that the WikiLeaks Party is offering more than just a human rights platform. He said the policy would intend to, “reduce the total time burden to Australians and Australian businesses”. Asked whether he would be able to take up a seat in the Senate if he won, given his confinement in London, he said he had “up till September 2014 to resolve the matter”, and the party said another candidate would be able to step into the role if necessary. He said his role with WikiLeaks would continue, and that he did not see that role as being in conflict with that of being a senator. This article is most certainly worth reading in full, and you can do so here.

The New Zealand Herald reports that a Kiwi workplace health and safety taskforce has concluded that New Zealand has far lower workplace health and safety standards than Australia and the UK and a much greater per capita number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Industries that are most prone to accidents include construction, manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries. The article argues that Kiwi small businesses seem to have flown under the radar with health and safety inspections, but that large businesses may get more involved in helping small businesses with their procedures. In other news, My Business has concluded that the All Blacks have far better rugby union standards than Australia…and the UK.

The UK government says it is on track to meet its goal of awarding 25 per cent of central government business to SMEs by 2015, directly and through the supply chain. All government departments have developed plans for making their contributions to the 25 per cent aspiration, and as part of this acceleration, every government department now has an appointed SME minister to ensure SME-friendly procurement practices are commonplace.
Sounds like something the next Australian government should consider…

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SME snippets August 20, 2013
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Justin Grey

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