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What kind of “preneur” are you?

Justin Grey
16 May 2011 1 minute readShare
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Is it enough to just be a "business person" any more, or is it necessary to label oneself as a special sub-category of entrepreneur?

Here at My Business we get lots of mail from business people, and these days lots of them quickly categorise themselves as a special type of entrepreneur.

Here’s six types of “preneur” we’ve spotted lately. Have a read of them and then let us know what you think of these categories, or if you can think of any others you think could work.

  1. “Young” entrepreneurs are quite common and we get the reason for the claim: being short on life experience is a bit of a barrier to doing well in business, although we do wonder just where the cutoff is for young. And we know plenty of 30-something business people who wish they had started their business before the time-munching commitments of adulthood came along.
  2. “Teenpreneurs” are popping up with increased regularity. We’re not quite sure what this one means. Something about Glee? Oh no: we’re showing our age here ....
  3. “Mumpreneurs” are very common: almost any woman in business seems to slip this one into their emails. Some folks don’t like the term and argue that the fact a woman has had kids should not be relevant to her career. And have you ever heard of a “Dadpreneurs”? We can spot at least one.
  4. “Greenpreneurs” and “eco-preneurs”are starting to sprout, bringing the world green business ideas.
  5. We’ve found this Facebook page about a Warrior-Prenuer, who says members of this class of business people are “leaders, they are risk takers, they are influential, they are inspiring. Warrior-Preneurs know that the greatest battle is within. Once you win that one, others are easier.”
  6. “Geekpreneurs” seem to be a little deeper than you’d imagine.

So there you have it: six self-declared categories of entrepreneur. Are there any others we missed, or that you think deserve to be coined? Let us know in the comments field below.

What kind of “preneur” are you?
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Justin Grey

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