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Ten ways Planking can boost your business

Justin Grey
20 May 2011 1 minute readShare
Planks of wood

Australia just can't stop talking about Planking, the fad that sees you lie flat in odd places and post photos of your exploit online. Every fad eventually gets turned into a business tool, so we thought we'd get in first.

Australia just can't stop talking about Planking, the weird fad that sees you stretch out horizontally in an improbable place and post the resulting photos on the net. When fads erupt, business nearly always tries to cash in, so we thought we'd get in early with some ideas about how to Plank for profit.

Don't take this as an inducement to Plank: the practice is dangerous enough that Woolworths just fired eight people for planking. My Business is in no way suggesting that Planking should be encouraged if it in any way endagers you, your staff or anyone.

But we also know that small businesses pride themselves on being nimble and innovative, so maybe there's a way to use Planking to your advantage before the big end of town productises Planking and sells it back to us all.

Perhaps these tips, generated by some of our Twitter followers, can help.

  1. Planking is exercise, so it could be just what you need to get your people moving around the office instead of becoming sedentary.
  2. One reader pointed out that Planking looks an awful lot like the yoga pose Savasna, so you could sneak a workplace yoga program in under the guise of the hipper, cooler, Planking craze.
  3. Young people like to Plank: could an office Planking program become part of your tactics to lure and retain Gen-Y workers?
  4. If your team Planks all day, you could stack them on top of each other. They'll occupy less space: down goes your rent!
  5. Some workers - especially middle managers - might actually be more efficient lying down doing nothing.
  6. Not everyone likes to play golf, which makes golf days a bit of an exclusive event. But anyone can Plank: no equipment or experience required! Pencil in a corporate Planking Party for your next networking effort.
  7. If you take Planking literally, your staff become your floor coverings, saving money.
  8. Formation Planking could be a low-cost route to new office fittings: one horizontal and two vertical Plankers could make a desk.
  9. Sure, Planking is silly. But if folks on your staff don't join in for some harmless fun, what does it tell you about their morale and attitude to the team? Think of this as the Planking Aptitude Test (PAT).
  10. Seriously, Planking has been shown to be dangerous. Why not use it as a light-hearted way to start a conversation about occupational health and safety?

Thanks to @alexkidman, @phoebe_Netto, @ScottFitzG, @EspressoComms, @jezford, @DamianM and others for their input.


If you have any business uses for Planking, let us know below.

Ten ways Planking can boost your business
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Justin Grey

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