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Seven ways to strengthen your business

Meiron Lees
25 May 2011 2 minute readShare
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Is your business under stress? New blogger Meiron Lees of Inner Cents offers his seven tips to make your business more resilient.

Building a resilient business is a key factor in not only surviving but thriving in a challenging environment.

The following are seven key “Business Resilience Builders” that can help strengthen and de-stress your business:

Business resilience builder 1: Go back to basics

Ask two key fundamental questions. “What are your customer’s problems and what are the best ways to help solve them?” Ensure that your activities are aligned to delivering solutions that are superior to that of your competitors.

Business resilience builder 2: Get focused

Know the strengths of your people and use their talents to help make your business grow and become more efficient. It’s smart business practice playing people to their strengths rather than up skilling their weaknesses. People perform at their best when they do the things they enjoy and are good at doing.

Get the right people doing the right things!

Business resilience builder 3: Have a good plan

When is last time you revisited your business plan? Get strategic about the "How To" in achieving your objectives and identify the derailers upfront so that you can plan for them.

Be confident that your current actions will lead to the outcomes you expect.

Business resilience builder 4: Become value driven

Get to know your customers (and prospects) business well so that you can promote and deliver exceptional value. Show your clients how your solution will achieve their outcomes in the most effective way.

Make sure you have a compelling offer and present an R.O.I that drives them closer to saying “Yes”.

Business resilience builder 5: Get out of the box

Brainstorm new ideas and encourage creative thinking. Talk to your team about the importance of innovation and reinvention. We live in a dynamic environment and the needs of your customers are changing.

This presents a great opportunity for you to tap into the imagination and resourcefulness of your people in developing new, fresh and exciting solutions.

Business resilience builder 6: Develop a resilient culture

Support your employees in managing and reducing their workplace stress.

The cost of absenteeism and presenteeism (showing up and being unproductive) is high. 3 days per employee per year is lost due to stress related causes and leaving stress unchecked can create an environment of pessimism and negativity.

Develop a culture of collaboration, optimism and productivity and become intolerant to blame, political games and cynicism.

Business resilience builder 7: Respect your time

People will respect your time when you respect it enough. Treat each moment and each day as precious time and focus your efforts on what you believe are the urgent and most important tasks to progress your business.

Don’t become enslaved to your inbox and set specific times each day to check emails and answer queries.

Know your daily and weekly “must do’s” and delegate peripheral tasks.

Meiron Lees is a specialist in building resilience for businesses.

Seven ways to strengthen your business
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Meiron Lees

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