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Australia's First Discounted Healthcare Membership Launches Today

Justin Grey
13 July 2015 2 minute readShare
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o-BEST-HEALTHCARE-facebookWellOne, Australia's first discounted healthcare membership, has launched today to provide a much-needed option to families and individuals who may struggle with the cost of allied healthcare or cannot afford private health insurance. 

WellOne, Australia's first discounted healthcare membership, has launched today to provide a much-needed option to families and individuals who may struggle with the cost of allied healthcare or cannot afford private health insurance. 

o-BEST-HEALTHCARE-facebookWellOne offers discounted access on treatments with partnered healthcare providers in dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, optical, osteopathy, podiatry, massage, myotheraphy and orthodontics. Discount benefits for WellOne members cover all treatments with no limits or waiting periods.

“An alarming one in 16 [1] Australians delay seeking healthcare due to cost.  For instance, up to 34% of adults delay seeing a dentist due to cost[2]. WellOne’s mission is to make allied healthcare affordable for everyone in Australia,” explained Neill Cullen, co-founder of WellOne.  

For a small annual fee, WellOne’s revolutionary healthcare membership system means people are able to have access to cheaper treatments with partnered allied health practitioners, thus relieving the pressure on the public health system and bridging that gap where people are neglecting their health for financial reasons.

“Our mission is to connect patients with quality allied healthcare professionals; it’s as simple as that. WellOne will give members up to a 40% discount on all initial treatments and 15% on subsequent visits – no limits, no questions asked,” said Neill Cullen, co-founder of WellOne.

Membership with WellOne is an ideal option for families, with the average family member spending over $6,000 per year on their health[3]. WellOne also suits the needs of students, independent young people and overseas visitors staying for an extended period of time or here on work visa arrangements.

People can pay less than $100 a year to join WellOne, download an App instead of waiting for a membership card and have access to discounts with partnered healthcare providers - no limits – straight away.

The company was founded by allied healthcare practitioners Neill Cullen and Hew Gibbs, and digital marketer Chris Bates, after an idea was born during discussions with patients about the difficulty in accessing quality, timely healthcare in an affordable way.

While WellOne is not an alternative to private health insurance in that it doesn’t cover hospital and ambulance, it does provide a much-needed option for families and individuals who normally wouldn’t be able to afford health insurance or who find the cost of allied healthcare too high. WellOne can also be used in conjunction with health insurance; members can receive the WellOne discount off the usual practice fees, and still claim a private health insurance rebate.

WellOne’s Neill Cullen says, “Health care costs continue to grow faster than incomes. Sadly, even people who actually have health insurance increasingly face affordability problems when it comes to paying for healthcare, which leads them to also cut back on care.

“What ends up happening is that a health issue which may have been prevented or cured at the outset becomes a more serious problem for the patient both health and cost wise.”

WellOne is now operating in Melbourne and over the next six months, WellOne will be launching in Sydney and then the rest of Australia as it grows its practitioner base.

WellOne’s Neill Cullen continued, “There is a chasm between the health care needs of people without health insurance and access to the relevant health care services. I personally do not want to see people skip a recommended medical test or treatment, or decide against seeing a health practitioner because the cost is prohibitive.

“Ultimately, sound access to healthcare impacts our population and economy in a very positive way and that’s what we need to be focussed on. WellOne is an innovative solution to a very real problem affecting an alarming number of Australians.”




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Australia's First Discounted Healthcare Membership Launches Today
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