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Coles, Woolworths and BIG W join forces

Justin Grey
16 November 2015 3 minute readShare

Australians will now be able to buy friends and family the gift of time this holiday season following a groundbreaking new partnership between Airtasker and retailers Coles, Woolworths and BIG W. 


Australians will now be able to buy friends and family the gift of time this holiday season following a groundbreaking new partnership between Airtasker and retailers Coles, Woolworths and BIG W. 

Airtasker, Australia’s largest online marketplace for tasks, has released a line of Airtasker Gift Cards  that for the first time will allow consumers to gift credit for almost any task -- from everyday chores like cleaning and handyman work to the more quirky tasks like queueing up or getting late night food deliveries.

According to the latest ABS data on household trends, Australians typically spend between 10 to 20 hours a week on unpaid domestic tasks. 

In order to maintain work-life balance, an increasing number of Australians are turning to outsourcing as means to get more done and salvage time lost on unpaid labour.  For example, busy Sydney barrister Bridie Nolan was recently reported to spend $6500 a week on outsourcing domestic chores and tasks in order to spend more time with her children. 

The Airtasker Cards will initially be stocked at a handful of Australia’s largest retailers including Woolworths, BIG W and Coles creating a distribution network of over 2,300 retail outlets across Australia.

There are over 360,000 Australians on the Airtasker platform, who use the service to compete a diverse range of tasks including cleaning, handiwork and gardening.

The platform has seen substantial growth in 2015, adding over 170,000 new members since the start of the year.  

“The launch of Airtasker Cards is a huge step forward for us, as we’ve now made the platform more accessible to consumers than ever before,” Airtasker co-founder and CEO Tim Fung said.

“We’ve made significant headway in the past year, with Australian consumers realising they can get more done by working with people in their local neighbourhood. We believe that Airtasker Cards will push this sharing economy trend to the next level.”

“We’ve also seen huge demand for a product that can allow people to give the gift of free time or an extra weekend to their friends and family - and Airtasker Cards is the answer.”

The launch also serves as the first major commercial recognition of the sharing economy trend sweeping the nation with major retailers like Woolworths, Coles and BIG W all jumping on board for the launch.

A study conducted by Airtasker in July revealed that the number of Australians using online platforms to earn extra money has doubled from 4 per cent January 2015 to 8 per cent in September 2015.

About Airtasker Gift cards:

Airtasker Cards will retail for $50, offering an equivalent amount of credit for cleaning, installations, furniture assembly or any other task.

While credit on each Airtasker Card can be put towards any task, the cards are branded to reflect the most common tasks undertaken by members on Airtasker including cleaning, installations and assembly.

Typical costs on Airtasker

Airtasker operates on a marketplace model, meaning the cost of various jobs can fluctuate depending on supply of workers and the demand for particular jobs. The cost of a job can also vary depending on the skill level of the worker. 

To help first-time users gain an understanding of what particular tasks typical cost, Airtasker has put together a rough guide of the average price of particular tasks and a graph indicating the most popular tasks performed on the platform. 


Under $50

•Mow my Lawn

•Clean my 1 bedroom apartment

•Hang paintings in my house

•Do the weekly ironing

•Pick up a fridge and deliver 


Under $100

•Clean my 2 bedroom apartment

•Assemble a trampoline / furniture item

•Mount my TV to the wall

•Reorganise the Garage

•Do my gardening and hedging


Under $150 

•Clean my 3 bedroom house

•Man and Van to help me move

•Assemble 3 large items of IKEA furniture


Case studies: 

Contacts can be provided on request. 

Steve Leven

Bondi Junction 

Steve says Airtasker saved him heaps of money renovating his new house. "All the quotes I was getting (from tradesman) were just extortionate and I was looking for better," he says. Within three hours of joining the website, he was able to get people for 48 hours worth of renovating jobs.“At the end of the day it would have cut my costs by at least half," he says. "As for calling around for all the different jobs, I would have saved at least a day’s worth of time.”

Lisa Treen

Lisa and her partner both consider themselves "time poor" due to their work. They use Airtasker for jobs around the house, so they can spend time doing things they would rather do. “We had two Irish backpackers who really got into the job. They cleaned our oven and mended our fence. We paid them extra on top of their Airtasker quote because they were that good.” 

Lauren Ellingham

Bondi Junction 

Lauren was part of a silent disco company in England. When the UK expat moved to Australia in 2010, she decided to start an offshoot of the business she loved so much. Lauren says Airtasker helped her get her business off the ground. "I always feel like get value for money with Airtasker."

Coles, Woolworths and BIG W join forces
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