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A sticky marketing tactic

Justin Grey
15 June 2011 1 minute readShare
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A winemaker has used a simple change to its label to make its dessert wine a sticky marketing standout.

How many times have you drunk a bottle of wine, enjoyed it, vowed to buy another and then forgotten just what it was you drunk?

Without casting aspersions about your drinking habits, or ours, the My Business team is willing to bet it’s happened to you more than once.

That’s why we were so impressed, as we finished a bottle of Brown Brothers Moscato last night*, when we spotted the wee sticker below.

The sticker was on the side of the bottle’s rear label and is designed to be removed and used as a reminder to buy more Moscato.

We think this is a very clever tactic: it helps to generate repeat sales and embeds the Brown Brothers brand its website address right in your home. We can also imagine that if you quaff some wine at a friend’s house and want to remember the vintage, the sticker would come off in a flash and be placed in your wallet or purse where it will be ready for you next trip to a liquor store.

Brown Brothers has to print a label anyway, so the small (our production manager Russell says you could expect a $500 setup cost for something like this) extra printing fee to make the label a durable marketing tool is probably money well spent.

Russell (who seems to drink a bit more wine that the editorial team) says he’s seen these removable tabs on other wine, and has even heard of some people collecting them to show off the wines they’ve drunk. “They’re a bit of a collectible,” he says.

* Yes we are aware Moscato is not the coolest wine to drink. But the editorial team felt like something sweet and light.

A sticky marketing tactic
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Justin Grey

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