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SMEs tapping into freelance creatives

SMEs tapping into freelance creatives

The growing trend of start-ups and SMEs seeking out freelance creative services has led online creative professionals community The Loop to launch a new short-term jobs board.

Called ‘Gigs’, the service allows small businesses to post their job requirements and connect with relevant freelance creative professionals across fields including writing, photography and film, business cards or logo and website design.

While short-term employment opportunities is nothing new, CEO and founder of The Loop Matt Fayle said the trend is booming, meaning there is an increasing need to assist time-poor small businesses to connect with professionals who can help them with short-term creative projects.

“Many of our freelancers are adapting and making a career out of this short-term work and ‘Gigs’ is all about making it easier for brands to connect with them, based on their existing portfolio and have them working on their project the same day,” Mr Fayle said.

“A ‘Gig’ is not a commitment to a full-time freelancer; rather, it’s about removing the anxiety for brands and providing easier access to specific expertise of The Loop’s community for a broad range of high quality design needs.”

According to Mr Fayle, The Loop is a community of around 100,000 creative professionals, and provides business owners with a place to access and review the past work of creatives.



SMEs tapping into freelance creatives
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