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How to cure the common cold

Justin Grey
24 June 2011 1 minute readShare
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There's a nasty cold going around in the My Business office, so we've rounded up some advice on how to stop it before it puts us all in bed!

A few of us have been sick and the bug is gradually making its way from one end of the office to the other, leaving piles of tissues, empty Codral boxes, days off, sick leave forms and an administration hassle in its wake.

To help your business avoid our plight, we asked readers to offer their tips on keeping your office contagion-free this winter.


Stacey Currie, author of The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too and co-owner of Signs ‘n’ Banners suggested to us on Facebook that you should “Keep your employees excited and motivated then they won't have time to get sick.”

Amanda Conroy of Espresso Communications explained how the company “Had a 60 minute meeting that we call ‘walk and talk’. Instead of sitting in the office, we get outside, go for a walk and get fresh air and out in the sunshine, instead of sitting in a meeting room. Also we do weekly yoga at work, and use a hand sanitiser for keeping us germ free.”

IBM is apparently similar proactive: a friend there says the company organises flu shots for its workers each April.

John Martin from storage vendor NetApp, who tweets as @Life_No_Borders, suggested “Good virtual private networks and remote access facilities, [and] issue laptops to all workers and don’t expect people to work when they're sick.” Glenn Mabbott, owner of UNO Marcomms*, offered similar advice via LinkedIn, suggesting “"Stay home if you're sneezing and telecommute."

Which explains why your editor is writing this in bed.

Karen Morris of Inscriptions Media, who pens blogs for us on social media suggested we should all clean our keyboards as a way to stop germs festering, and offered this link offering 5 tips for maintaining your keyboard to help.

Twitter follower TourdeCouch suggested “Tell people not to be heroes and get home or not come in. Nothing's that important that you take down everyone.”

Another Twitter follower, @Mattylu asked “We should wear masks like they do in Japan?.”

But perhaps the most fun suggestion, if also the most inappropriate, came from photographer John Kruger who offered “Straight whiskey” as his preferred remedy, in part because it “Also improves morale.”

Good luck this ‘flu season from what’s left of the My Business team!

*I’ve done some freelance work for UNO in the past.

How to cure the common cold
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Justin Grey

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