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Automation can boost employee satisfaction

Sasha Karen
24 May 2016 1 minute readShare
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With automated workforce management programs, employers can maintain systems that help employees to be positive about their jobs, and in turn reduce staff turnover.

As reported earlier this month, HR and recruitment firm Randstad research has shown employers may be underpaying full-time staff by up to $71.2 billion.

Leslie Tarnacki, the general manager and vice-president of human resources at WFS: A WorkForce Software Company, said the results of the research show that it’s common for Australians to work more than they should.

“Whether this is deliberate or by accident, unpaid overtime needs to be carefully monitored, but for many companies this is not the case,” she said.

“Work-life balance is important to Australians, and it is generally regarded as a positive and attractive trait within an organisation. If work-life balance is not respected by organisations, employees are more likely to leave.”

One way to ensure employees are working their intended hours, according to a WFS Australia media alert, is maintaining a good work-life balance through an automated workforce management program.

By implementing an automated workforce system, the manual process is reduced, which also reduces human error.

With human error reduced, the accuracy of identifying when employees need to be paid increases.

Increasing automation increases the transparency of the length and effectiveness of employees’ work.

With an automated system in place that tracks work hours and provides employees with an avenue to follow up unpaid work, staff are more likely to feel satisfied.

As proven by the Randstad research, employees that feel satisfied are more likely to stay with their current employer, as 62 per cent of employees said that they stay with their current job because of a positive work/life balance

Furthermore, 49 per cent of all surveyed employees said that a good work/life balance is one of top five factors when considering a new employer.

Automation can boost employee satisfaction
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Sasha Karen

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