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Playing games in the office

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A table tennis company says the sport is the ideal game for the workplace. We’re not sure. Are you?

It’s not often we base a story entirely on a press release, but on this occasion we just couldn’t resist.

STIGA is a company that makes table tennis kit and yesterday sent us a release talking up the sport’s workplace-boosting properties, thanks to the whole “sound mind in a sound body” thing and the notion that a bit of friendly competition in the workplace brings us all together.


STIGA reckons table tennis can do so because the game:

  • Requires very little skill, so it’s inclusive;
  • Isn’t strenuous: you can play table tennis without getting sweaty so you get your exercise without also incurring a hefty Rexona bill;
  • Uses a big table. That’s something most businesses already own, so you could cleverly turn a table tennis table into a multifunction surface.

We made up that stuff about the multifunction surface, in part because we’re not entirely sure that STIGA’s arguments stack up.

That cynicism got us thinking : what’s the best way to bond through sport in the office, without making do with a nasty table?

Ninetndo’s Wii comes to mind: you can even play table tennis on it using your office TV, which most offices already own.

How do you get the team playing around in your office? Let us know in the Disqus comments field below.



Playing games in the office
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