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Motorola Atrix

Justin Grey
01 July 2011 1 minute readShare
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Motorola’s Atrix is another phone boasting two processor cores and puts them to work powering a host of accessories including a weird kind of laptop computer, called a “Webtop”.

The Atrix plugs into the Webtop, which then mixes apps from its own memory with software on the phone while using the Atrix to connect to the Net.

The experience is disconcerting for a few reasons:

  • You’ll struggle to figure out which app belongs where or why;
  • The viewing angle of the screen is poor;
  • The keyboard is ordinary, to be kind;
  • You end up with two devices, each of which needs its own charger, a bag-clutterer par excellence;
  • The laptop doesn’t have much usable software.

As a phone alone, the Atrix is a little better, although we found that the Motoblur interface doesn’t make things particularly easy or intuitive. In fact it’s not immediately apparent how to make a phone call.

Telstra has the Atrix for $840 outright or for $0 upfront on a $79/month plan.

To recap, here are our other four hot phones:

Nokia N9 | LG Optimus 2X | Samsung Galaxy S II | HTC Desire S

Motorola Atrix
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Justin Grey

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