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Why collaboration within your local community can help your brand

Staff Reporter
18 August 2016 1 minute readShare
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Trying to establish a foothold at a local level can be difficult, but forming a marketing partnership within local communities has proven to be successful for many SMEs.

A new program has proven that collaboration with local clubs can be profitable for SMEs.

The joint initiative between retailers in Sydney’s northern beaches, clubs associated with Mounties Group, and Community Alliance, is set to make things profitable for the SMEs involved.

Through the partnership, customers who join specific clubs can gain access to members-only deals with local businesses.

This results in additional marketing for the retailers to promote their brand, as well as the brand of the local clubs, which are businesses themselves.

One retailer who has become involved in the initiative, Trish Brown of Balcony in Bloom garden centre, said the club collaboration has increased her marketing prospects.

“We’ve experimented with other marketing programs, including local coupon systems,” Ms Brown said.

“Our problem with these has been they don’t promote return visits and sustained loyalty.

“We’re looking at channels that’ll start a relationship with new customers.”

Foot traffic is also increasing, due to the proximity of local businesses to the clubs.

“Diggers’ central role in the community means it is in a prime position to boost local businesses,” said Dale Hunt, general manager of northern sites at Harbord Diggers, which is part of Mounties Group.

“Businesses benefit with free local advertising.”

Community Alliance CEO Haydn Fairbanks said the partnership has helped businesses advertise at a local level.

“Modern consumers are exposed to so much more marketing in their day-to-day lives because of the splintered media landscape,” Mr Fairbanks said.

“It’s really hard for small business to achieve any kind of cut-through in that kind of environment.”

The partnership between Community Alliance, Mounties Group and small businesses has proven popular, with over 160 businesses supporting the initiative.

Why collaboration within your local community can help your brand
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