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Will you earn more money if you take more holidays?

Hannah Blackiston
15 September 2016 1 minute readShare
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Rather than focusing all your energy on improving your skills and systems, working on your happiness can be the key to a better result in business, according to a top motivational consultant.

Susanne King spoke at the Australian Real Estate Conference 2016 about why a commitment to self-improvement is the factor most small business owners are missing from their development.

“It’s really easy to get caught up with the success of other people and what expectations there are on you, when actually first you’ve got to take the time to really commit to improving you,” she said.

The difference between good workers and peak performers is how they focus on their own health and mindset, according to Ms King, and she said happiness is a big part of this.

“Investing in yourself might sound like a lot of hard work, but in actual fact it’s not,” she said, adding that activities like going on holiday do a lot for improving your general happiness, which in turn helps your performance in the office.

Other ways to increase your happiness, and therefore your productivity, include taking time to connect with other people and doing activities you enjoy outside of work.

Ms King said improving your happiness and mood has other great results; it can also attract happier and more productive people to you.

“So you think about it like this: your vibe attracts your vibe. You can always tell the person who is genuinely happy versus the person who has a big smile on their face and tries to fake it,” she said.

“Success comes down to having the right energy,” she added, which is why she prioritises mental health over business development for small business owners who are looking to succeed.

Will you earn more money if you take more holidays?
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Hannah Blackiston

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