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7-step recipe for sales success

Hannah Blackiston
23 September 2016 1 minute readShare
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If you want to be successful but don't want to reinvent the wheel, this step-by-step guide to success in sales will set you on the straight and narrow.

Speaking at the Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) 2016, McGrath real estate agent Mat Steinwede said “there is a recipe in real estate”, and agents who want to succeed just have to “see what others are doing and follow it”.

While focusing on real estate, Mat’s recipe for success can be applied to small businesses too.

1. Work a core area

Mat has spent his entire career working one area, which has allowed the people there to get to know him and made him a recognisable brand. Agents who focus on one area and build their database there will save themselves a lot of time and effort in marketing.

2. Make 30 connections a day

“Just get out there,” says Mat. He urges making new connections as often as possible, and ensuring you are always a visible public figure in your area.A dollar sign with upward arrows

3. See three potential clients a day

Having three face-to-face appointments a day is a must for success, according to Mat. So keep your diary full!

4. Write thank you cards

Everyone you speak with in the day should receive a thank you card from your office, including those you’ve spoken with on the phone, says Mat.

5. Database everything

If he has one regret in his career, Mat says it is that he didn't create a better database from the beginning. Automation is key to keeping on top of your targets.

“Every month, just know what you’re going to send to people: what letter, what report, whatever else, and so every month you’re just ahead of the game,” he says.

6. Talk to your owners every day

“The reason for that is it’s like a partnership, you’re running alongside them and you’re there with them,” Mat says, adding that customers want to feel like they’re in this with you, not battling against you.

7. Take personal time

Sales is an “energy game”, Mat says, and you need personal time to build up your energy levels. He prefers to take his time in the morning to “set the tone for the day”.

“When you don’t have enough to give, people will feel that and you’ll feel disconnected and stressed and anxious and all this sort of stuff, burnt out and you won’t perform,” he said.


7-step recipe for sales success
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Hannah Blackiston

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