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'The tactics I used to retain my first ever customers'

Sasha Karen
26 September 2016 1 minute readShare
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Every business wants to retain customers. One SME owner has managed to retain his first two customers for 22 years – here’s how he did it.

If a business can guarantee customers, it can guarantee cash flow.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Jacob Ohlson of PowerNET IT Solutions and Cryo discusses how he got started, and how two customers have stuck with him ever since.

“I managed to get a job at a company called Alloy Computer Products, which is still running today,” says Jacob.

“I was doing that when I was 14, 15 and just loved it. I became their service manager effectively when I was about 17.A businessman holding out his arm to shake hands

“At that point ... I realised there’s a big market to provide quality service to end users in terms of IT, because we were supporting the IT providers out there and they weren’t that great.”

When he decided to launch this business venture, Jacob managed to take two customers with him.

“At that time I got two customers from Alloy and they’re still with us today. Two customers who are still with us from 22 years ago, and it just became organic. From that perspective I was looking after them ... working at Alloy.

“As that happened, word of mouth kicked in, [and I] grew the business up and ended up leaving Alloy and having to take on PowerNET full time, single-man band, until the GST kicked in.”

Jacob attributes his loyalty to his customers as the reason they’ve chosen to do business with him for 22 years.

“[If] you look after those customers, you do the right thing for those customers, they are with you for life,” he says.

“That’s where the business has grown over 22 years, because by providing that constant good-quality service every single day, they stay with you. That’s why ... the first two customers are still with us.”

Listen to more insights from Jacob about having 22 years of business experience and his time with Richard Branson on the My Business Podcast now! 

'The tactics I used to retain my first ever customers'
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Sasha Karen

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