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Shift your focus from processes to outcomes

Sasha Karen
10 October 2016 1 minute readShare
Gears in motion

Planning is important, but even more crucial is not losing sight of the outcome of your processes. Here’s how one SME made the transition from being process-driven to outcome-driven.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, ZOO Group founder Pawl Cubbin says his business has removed timesheets entirely.

“Whether you are a law firm or an accounting firm or an advertising agency, we all work in this old model of time management with timesheets,” he says.

“Everybody Gears in motionhates timesheets.

“We've decided to actually get rid of timesheets in favour of a very strong project management methodology. In a nutshell, what we are wanting to do is really spend our time up front, breaking down a project using internal and external people to really nut that out so everybody knows.”

Pawl says doing away with timesheets has allowed his employees to focus solely on creating the best work possible.

“What we allow our people to do is go away, and my theory is people do their best work where and when they are in the zone,” Pawl says.

“As long as they are delivering on their deadlines relative to that project, we don't care if they are in the office or not in the office.

“What it's all about is once you actually free yourself of that time management methodology, and go 'Well, actually it's about having great people working where they come up with their best ideas', as long as they are delivering that should mean that you are delivering a great product for the client.”

As a result of discarding timesheets and focusing on outcomes, Pawl says he doesn’t worry about managing his employees' time any more – allowing him to focus more on his own core duties.

“[Our approach is that] the project has got to be delivered in this time with these many people, these are the phases, now we are going to treat our staff and our contractors like adults, and they can manage their own time as long they deliver,” says Pawl.

“We think that’s going to give us a really good outcome.”

Hear more insights from Pawl about pitching to prospective customers and how to get employees performing at their best on the My Business Podcast now! 

Shift your focus from processes to outcomes
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Sasha Karen

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