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Don't chase clients, get them to come to you

Sasha Karen
13 October 2016 1 minute readShare
Two clients meeting with a businessman

Attracting clients can be difficult, especially when your business is in its start-up phase, so how do you transition from finding prospective clients to having them find you?

According to Pawl Cubbin, of advertising and creative agency ZOO Group, having an abundance of clients is as easy as keeping in contact with prospects. However, you have to focus solely on the right type of prospects – those whose business, operations and pain points you are familiar with, and where you know how you can add value.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Pawl says becoming an attraction business starts with pairing an idea with the right client.

“Becoming a brand that people know is soTwo clients meeting with a businessmanmething that we are pretty focused on,” he explains.

“We have to be really proactive about that, and we almost have to adopt a sales system to actually identify prospects and proactively pitch to those prospects.”

To find the right client, Pawl suggests getting a team together, brainstorming potential ideas and then thinking about a suitable client that matches with those ideas.

However, it has to be a strong idea that the whole team is genuinely interested in, with a workable solution.

“If we've actually got an idea, as opposed to saying ‘Hi, I'm Pawl from ZOO. You should work with us’, you've really thought about [the client], and you have proactively gone to them with an idea,” he says.

“If your idea's really good, they like who you are [and] you are genuine about it, they'll actually remember you, and when they do pitch the account, and you keep in contact with them over time, you'll definitely be on the list.”

Pawl says that most of the time, your pitch comes down to the quality of the idea.

“That's how you grow your business. It's very a proactive approach, thinking that way about clients. People never come to you when you are start-up.

“At the end of the day, you've got to have [a] reason that people come … to you in the first place. It's quite a long process.”

Hear more insights from Pawl about pitching to prospective customers and how to get employees performing at their best on the My Business Podcast now!

Don't chase clients, get them to come to you
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Sasha Karen

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