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Why business owners should be salespeople

Sasha Karen
24 October 2016 1 minute readShare
A collection of Australian bills ranging from $5 to $50

Every business owner has to sell something – even in industries not traditionally associated with sales. Here’s how one SME owner used this realisation to his advantage.

Alexander Laureti, a partner of accounting firm LMS Advisory, didn’t see himself as a salesman when he started out.

“I never really thought that I was a salesman before, until I realised how much of what we do is explaining processes,” he says on the My Business Podcast.

“It's also a part of telling people news that they might not necessarily want to hear.”

Alexander explains that when he talks to clients about business ideas, acquisitions or business changes, he has to give them the encouragement and confidence of a salesman – “that we're the right people to help guide them through that journey”.

“If they need a structuring behind it, if they need companies, if they need family trusts, if it ends up being that one day they're eligible for a self-managed super fund, we've got to be able to explain the opportunities that are out there and be able to then say, ‘These are something that you can capitalise on. This is something that you can bring into your mix, and we're the right people to deliver that to you’,” Alexander says.

A collection of Australian bills ranging from $5 to $50“That's from a more product and a commodity perspective, but I think that one of the other things that we do sell as accountants as well, when you have a happy client, is you're selling peace of mind.”

Alexander suggests that he also ‘sells’ his clients the knowledge that his staff are looking after their affairs.

“That that's where everybody should be striving to be. If you've got that confidence with your adviser, then peace of mind is so important for people,” he says.

“I think that everybody has to have an aspect of being a salesman.”

Hear more insights from Alexander about the challenges and benefits of expansion through acquisition, as well as his approach to selling in an industry not traditionally associated with sales, on the My Business Podcast now!

Why business owners should be salespeople
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Sasha Karen

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