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Businesses overlooking productivity gains

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11 November 2016 1 minute readShare
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A recent survey has suggested that Australian businesses are lagging behind their overseas counterparts in cutting staff costs by boosting productivity capabilities.

In a report titled State of Work: Bridging the Experience Gap, cloud technology company ServiceNow found that businesses are largely failing to translate the seamless customer-facing experiences they are developing into employee-facing services.

“Workplaces are still implementing manual, unstructured tools, making routine tasks a lot harder and more time-consuming than they need to be,” said ServiceNow’s ANZ managing director David Oakley.

According to Mr Oakley, Australian businesses ranked lowest on the company’s service experience index, indicating a lack of automated processes when compared with similar businesses in the likes of the UK, Singapore, France, Germany and the US.Escalator with a green arrow pointing up

“Most companies invest heavily on the customer experience because they know that building consumer satisfaction and loyalty is integral to [their] success. However, this strategy is not being built into the employee experience,” said Mr Oakley.

“If companies start to invest in automating their internal processes, we believe they will be able to drive competitive benefits and cost savings by reclaiming skilled management time.”

Key findings from the ServiceNow report include:

• Mobile apps are nine times less commonly used in the workplace for internal services than for consumer services;
• A staggering 86 per cent of those surveyed said that email monitoring interferes with the their ability to complete tasks;
• More than half (56 per cent) said current workplace services lower their productivity;
• Just 13 per cent of companies using manual processes said their entire process was fast, compared with 59 per cent for consumer services.

Mr Oakley offers SME owners these tips for boosting the employee experience and, in turn, productivity rates:

1. Identify work tasks that require coordination among employees or across departments.
2. Outline the coordination process and then define what it should be.
3. Design an intuitive, frictionless interface for employees.
4. Tap into consumer-like techniques such as portals, workflows and catalogues.
5. Track and analyse the services.

Businesses overlooking productivity gains
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