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Five ways to do better on LinkedIn

Heather Smith
01 August 2011 1 minute readShare

 Heather Smith has networking hard on LinkedIn and has used her experiences to distil a list of five things you could be doing better on LinkedIn.

This morning I checked my LinkedIn home page, and there she was you know her the person you connected with on the professional networking site LinkedIn, who has linked her twitter feed to her to her LinkedIn stream, and has filled your LinkedIn home page with Twitter garble.

This frustration got me thinking, what other mistakes are commonly made on LinkedIn?

1. Grammatical and spelling errors!!

LinkedIn is an online professional resume – everything you include on your profile needs to be free of grammatical and spelling errors and your name needs to start with capital letters.

2. Using an off-brand photo!!

Yes you need a photo to ensure your profile is captivating and to re-engage with your connections. Your image needs to be on-brand and I don’t like spend money frivolously, but organising a professional photo is money well spent. Contact a local photographer, and spend a few hours practising your ZOOLANDER blue steel pose. A few professional photos can have many uses and is money and time well spent. Please remove that awful photo with a shadow in the background right now!

3. Do not use LinkedIn to post a 'classified ads'!!

This is a pet hate of Bambi Gordon aka @DoTheWoo. She thinks it is fine to place an ad in the advertising area of LinkedIn, but don’t place it in an area where general discussions are happening, such as a group area.

4. Do not invite someone to connect using the default LinkedIn message!!

Michelle Day aka @MDDTactics thinks sending a LinkedIn invites from the "friends" option with no personal message is a big mistake.

‘I think it comes down to people just not getting they are such different tools with very different purposes and audiences.’

Take a few moments to customise the message to say why you would like to connect; Hi Heather I read your column online at MyBusiness and I would like to connect with you because what you write about is of interest to me. I am a … too easy really!

Lastly …

5. Do not link your entire twitter feed to LinkedIn!!

Robin Dickinson aka @RobinDickinson thinks a common mistake that people make on LinkedIn is they

“repeat everything they post on Twitter in their LinkedIn stream”

Yes you can be more productive by linking your twitter feed to LinkedIn, but you need to set it to ‘selective linking’ so the tweets only turn up on your LinkedIn profile, and my home page, if you have included #li in the tweet.

What mistakes do you see other people making on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments field below.


Five ways to do better on LinkedIn
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Heather Smith

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