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Who should your products appeal to the most?

Sasha Karen
29 November 2016 1 minute readShare
Lots of white question marks piled on the floor, with one big red question mark on top

It’s important to make sure that your product appeals to consumers in every single way, but as one SME points out, there’s one thing that many business owners forget about their marketing.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Sean Garlick, the former NRL footy player turned managing director of Garlo’s Pies, says that when it comes to his product, he makes it so it has an equal mix of appeal to himself and consumers to ensure he is satisfying consumer demands for new and innovative products with the tried and tested ones.

“For years, pies were pretty s****y, to be honest,” says Sean.

“It was always a standing joke, what do you get in a pie? What do they put in them? Nobody really knew and I think for so long, people had a pie when they were desperate.

“It was always a bit of a question mark over it, and so, we pretty much came and we made a pie, that we, my brother and I, we made a pie we like to eat.”

Lots of white question marks piled on the floor, with one big red question mark on topSean says that hated pies that have “pastry like concrete” with too little filling.

“We kept our pastry really thin [as] everybody knows pastry is where all the fat is. Pastry is basically half margarine and half flour,” he explains.

“It's the lowest in sodium because everyone's worried about that these days, as well, and it tastes great.”

The physical labelling of the product was also an issue that Sean drew from his own experience.

“In the supermarkets at the time, every pie came in an opaque pack and it had a beautiful photo on the packet, but it was nothing like the pie that you got inside,” Sean says.

“We just have our pie in a completely see-through label with just a logo on it and it says Garlo's Pies, so people can see exactly what they're getting.

“We made a pie that we essentially liked to eat.”

That decision to incorporate personal decisions into the pie process, as well as considering consumers, resulted in deals starting with supplying pies to supermarket franchises Coles and IGA in Australia, and has reached supermarkets across the world and airlines Etihad Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Hear more insights from Sean on the My Business Podcast now!

Who should your products appeal to the most?
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Sasha Karen

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