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Expert tips to hire right the first time

Sasha Karen
20 January 2017 1 minute readShare
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Practically every business owner has done it – hired someone that wasn’t right, and been forced to go through the process. Here’s some free advice on minimising the risk next time around.

Putting out advertisements on job boards and job aggregators, hearing back from referrals, hiring a recruitment agency… there are many different ways to find potential employees, but it is more difficult to locate someone who has the right skills and the right cultural fit for your business.

Yet as Norgay HR Consulting’s Clare Long points out, 60 per cent of total operating costs in business, on average, relate to people. So there are big bucks at stake.

“Everybody's had that experience where they've made a bad hire. It's pretty well accepted now that that can cost, say three to four times their salary, to have to go back through that process again,” says Clare.

In order to maximise their hiring efforts, Clare suggests that business owners look into the “science” of hiring, to ensure the person they offer a job to really is the right fit for the role and for the business.

A businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman“Understand what makes this person tick. What is it that strengthens them? What type of environment do they want to work within? You can assess for that,” Clare says.

The way to assess potential employees, according to Clare, is through personality profiling. Technologies and services exist that involve as little as a 30-minute process that can save employers serious money, and significantly reduce the risk of hiring someone that simply isn’t a good fit.

“There are products out there that cost nothing, [but] the product I work with, it depends on the level of probing you want to do. That can start at anything from $500 per candidate, through to about $1,000 per candidate,” she explains.

Listen to more insights from Clare on the My Business Podcast now!

Expert tips to hire right the first time
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Sasha Karen

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