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How to create memorable customer experiences

Sasha Karen
14 February 2017 2 minute readShare
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While practically everyone in business says they deliver superior customer service, only those who truly go above and beyond can lay claim to such a statement. 

Thankfully, sometimes it’s the little things that can make more impact on your level of service than any costly or complex strategy.

For example, customers unfamiliar with a particular type of product can have a much more pleasant shopping experience by having someone take them through their options.

According to Jodie McGregor, of Jodie McGregor Flowers, this is noticeable in the floristry industry. As such, she puts service above all else, including profit.

“You do get some florists who do love just to make the flowers and the customer service is not their preferred part of the job, whereas we’re very focused on [customers]… If we lose that customer focus, we lose our business. We’re building our experience on customers,” Jodie says.

To ensure customers have the best experience, Jodie lends her expertise by providing her professional opinion on their orders.

“Truly, I don’t care about the money. If you’re going to choose something that’s not going to be the nicest thing, I will tell you,” she says.

“It may be that [the suggested flowers] would [cost] more or maybe I feel like you need to add something else...

“I want you to walk out going, ‘Whoa, that’s really cool,’ and your wife goes, ‘Oh my god, they’re amazing!’ and she’ll talk about it for weeks.”

Jodie does not regard providing suggestions as upselling, saying she is “trying to give your wife the best flowers she can get”.

One tactic Jodie employs to get that ‘whoa’ factor is to include ‘recipe cards’ with bouquets. The cards list what flowers and foliage are included to ensure customers have as much knowledge as possible.

“It just makes the person receiving them comfortable. They know what they received, they can then thank our customer … and tell them what they received. It’s all educational and making people feel really comfortable with it,” she says.

Providing quality customer service even extends to the waiting line during busy periods, with the service tailored to certain demographics.

For example, men who come in on Valentine’s Day to pick up flowers may feel like they are in unfamiliar territory. In order to break down these barriers, Stu White, Jodie's husband and the CEO of Jodie McGregor Flowers, attempts to make them more comfortable by offering them free beer.

“Valentine’s Day [is] like a drag for people. It’s sort of, ‘Oh, you know. I’ve got to do this,’” Stu says.

“We have beers in the shop for the guys when they’re picking up the flowers, because … they’re in line, just kicking their feet.”

Hear more insights from Stu and Jodie on how to ensure your customers are happy, how to choose the right growth strategy for your business and customers, and more on the My Business Podcast!

How to create memorable customer experiences
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Sasha Karen

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