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Why it's impossible to please everyone

Sasha Karen
15 February 2017 1 minute readShare
Yellow tape that says CAUTION on it

Sometimes there are people who seem willing to do whatever it takes to undermine your operation. One business owner shares their experience of an unusual complaint and what they took away from the experience.

While you may put your heart and soul into your business to see it grow, others may put their heart and soul into taking your business down in any way they can. Sometimes, the only way to deal with such people is to unfortunately go with whatever they request, as you may not have any other option.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Stu White, CEO, and Jodie McGregor, founder of Jodie McGregor Flowers, recounted the time they had to deal with a member of their local community in Annandale in Sydney's inner west.

“We used to have all the flowers set out front to cut and prepare and get ready for putting on display, and we were banned from doing that,” Stu says.

Yellow tape that says CAUTION on it“The community outrage [over the ban] was unbelievable.”

“People walked past on their way to the bus stop and they [would] be like 'It's my favourite part of the day',” adds Jodie.

The story behind this was a disgruntled member of the community had complained to the local council about the flower arrangements.

“Council didn't mind us doing it, it was just someone had a bee in their bonnet about it, and he used to sit out the front of the store and bully us a wee bit,” Jodie explains.

“He complained, so council have to respond to that.”

Even though the flower arrangements were a big hit with customers, the lesson Jodie took away from the experience was that business owners need to be prepared to receive and deal with criticism, no matter how frustrating the request may be.

 “[Sometimes you just] have to deal with … someone else’s logic,” she says.

Paul Glossop, of Pure Property Investment, previously told My Business about his approach to 'tyre-kickers' who waste time, and how it is important to know when to pick your battles.

Hear more insights from Stu and Jodie on how to ensure your customers are happy, how to choose the right growth strategy for your business and customers, and more on the My Business Podcast!

Why it's impossible to please everyone
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Sasha Karen

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