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When should you move your business?

Sasha Karen
31 March 2017 1 minute readShare
A number of boxes in an office ready for being moved

Every business owner needs to make big decisions when it comes to operating their business, each with a degree of risk. One business owner shares how he makes tough choices when it comes to moving his business.

Business owners deal with risk every day, ranging from minute details through to big decisions that can change their business entirely. As Scott Bradley of Rotor Studios says, however, it is important to make these decisions with a great deal of thought applied.

“We had just moved because we ended up growing, and had separated into two buildings, and we had our real-time developer team in one area, and we had our rendered CG content team in the other, and we just felt that wasn't working,” Scott says.

“You need the team together.”

Aside from the cultural aspects of splitting employees not working out, working across the two floors was not working technically either, with electricity issues a concern.

A number of boxes in an office ready for being movedCoupled with the win of a new project, Rotor Studios decided to make the move to a larger building.

“We went, ‘Nope, we're going to move, and you know what? We're going to bite the bullet and take some extra space and build for growth, because want to be here long term,’” Scott says.

While Scott frames the notion to move Rotor Studios as spontaneous and sudden, the reality is the decision came about after careful hesitation and consideration.

“I don't think you'll speak to any owner of [an SME] that doesn't go through these stressful patches,” he says.

“It's tough. You've got to make a call, and there's risk involved.

“I can laugh about it now and I can say, ‘We just got a big new project and it looks like we're going to fill that space,’ but you get into these situations where you've just got to make the best judgement call you can make, and … balance that risk.”

Scott says while he did not want to be trapped behind additional costs for new premises, the prospect of missing out on projects because of a lack of space also weighed heavily on the decision to move.

“You need to make hay while the sun shines, and you need to be able to grow when those opportunities present themselves, so it's an ongoing balancing act,” he says.

Hear more insights from Scott on how to diversify your revenue streams, the importance of your brand and more on the My Business Podcast now!

When should you move your business?
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Sasha Karen

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