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Getting the most out of your assets

Sasha Karen
06 April 2017 2 minute readShare
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When trying to bring forward new advertising, one business owners says you should never forget to reuse any and all assets you have at your disposal.

When it comes to creating cost-effective advertising, you do not need to always reinvent the wheel as your assets should be regularly reused in order to cut back on costs. If used correctly, these assets can even be integrated back into new products.

Speaking on the My Business Podcast, Scott Bradley of Rotor Studios regularly creates computer-generated (CG) imagery based on specifications outlined by computer-aided design (CAD), and tries to reuse created assets wherever possible.

“We're going to do all our accessories stills using CAD, we're going to do a lot of our print work using CAD, and then we're going to save money every time we update the model because it's cheaper to change the CAD image than have to go out and re-shoot it,” Scott says.

Three different coloured arrows going around in a circle pointing to circlesAfter creating the CG content, these assets are not used once, but can then be used within virtual reality content. Rotor Studios creates stereoscopic virtual reality content. Stereoscopic video is filmed with two views for the left and right eyes to trick the brain into creating depth in the video, as opposed to monoscopic video, which is filmed from one point of view and appears flat.

“The thing we're interested in is any virtual reality that's computer-generated because once you computer-generate the environment, you can move within it,” Scott says.

Using the example of a car, Scott says that the image can be manipulated to open the doors and the bonnet, and to bring up the engine and make it transparent, among other manipulations, to show customers how the car works and what it looks like inside without having to actually construct, and then deconstruct, a car.

“The real-time CGI tools that we've made, once you've built the assets for those, they go straight into virtual reality,” Scott says.

Currently, Rotor Studios are developing technology that allows for accurately scanning objects made out of soft materials, such as sports shoes.

“We don't need the engineering data for the sports shoe; we just need the shoe, and we can scan it cost effectively and then recreate that as a 3D model,” Scott says.

“Then you can create all sorts of imagery out of it, or you can actually put it into a configurator, into a real-time configurator, where people can spin it and look at it from any angle they want, and change the colour of the shoe and the laces.”

By reusing assets, Scott is able to then tailor advertisements to specific consumers, which both reduces the cost of asset creation and increases the profitability by targeting a wide range of specific demographics.

Hear more insights from Scott on how to diversify your revenue streams, the importance of your brand and more on the My Business Podcast now!

Getting the most out of your assets
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Sasha Karen

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