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How to market a ‘sensitive’ business

Adam Zuchetti
Adam Zuchetti
01 May 2017 1 minute readShare
Aged care: woman holds an elderly person's hand

Some businesses operate in highly sensitive spaces, such as funeral directors, sexual health clinics and aged care providers. We ask one such business owner how they market their brand given these particular constraints.

As Natasha Chadwick, founder of Synovum Care Group, points out aged care is an industry where people don’t choose to go into.

It often falls on family members to determine the best way of meeting the high-care needs of their elderly parent or relative, which often accompanies ill health, dementia or injury. Hence it is a highly emotional and sensitive time for all involved.


Yet as a business, Synovum Care still needs to market itself in order to attract new residents to its communities and demonstrate the standard of its service offering.

“I think it's really important that we talk about our story: what it is that we do for residents in aged care that's different from other operators,” explains Natasha.Aged care: woman holds an elderly person's hand


“So for us, we operate on the basis of values, and those values are everything that we do. Residents are treated as an individual – they're not one of a crowd, which happens a lot in an institutional setting. We believe in community and the importance of community as well as the individual.”

Another important point according to Natasha is to have empathy with prospective customers, or residents in her case, and engage with them at a level that suits their current personal situation.

“When you're dealing with a family who is struggling to understand what's actually happening with their loved one, empathy is incredibly important,” she says.

“If we don't form really good and strong relationships with their families and residents, it's really difficult for us to actually understand what level of care they need, what it is that they need from us.”



Hear more from Natasha on disrupting a traditional industry, what it really means to put customers first and the nuances of the aged care sector on the My Business Podcast now!

How to market a ‘sensitive’ business
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Adam Zuchetti
Adam Zuchetti

Adam Zuchetti is the editor of My Business, and has steered the publication’s editorial direction since early 2016. 

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