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The first point is the hardest one to win

Tina Tower
01 September 2011 3 minute readShare

Startup franchisor Tina Tower of Begin Bright has her first franchisees. The experience of signing them up has fuelled this column on why the hardest sale to make is the first.

In business, I often hear the term ‘getting runs on the board’. The reason that there are so few great entrepreneurs in the world is that not many people enjoy going where no one has been before. People like to go down a path where they can know a realistic outcome and be somewhat prepared for what they’re about to encounter. This is why franchising is such a great model and has really taken off in Australia. It allows people to be their own boss, while still having that security of trotting down a well-worn path. Here lies the point of today’s article, why buy a franchise when no one is yet to walk down the path? begin_bright

When I decided to franchise my business, I did a lot of research. It seemed that the hardest part was actually getting started. Like every business owner, I believe that I have one of the worlds greatest businesses! I am sure that you do too otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. When we set up our franchise structure at the beginning of the year I truly (and somewhat naively) believed that all the people who also wanted to run a great business like mine would be knocking down our door! I am going to be honest here, because that’s why I was asked to write these articles, to share my franchise journey to help others do the same. I have interviewed many people over the last few month’s and received hundreds of applications of people wanting more information on starting their own Begin Bright Franchise. The most common response that I get is people wanting to wait and see how the first franchise performs. When everyone is thinking and that, it makes it very difficult to prove the concept. Once people start coming on board and showing that the business model really works, other people then want to join in that excitement.

I am happy to say, that I have two fabulous entrepreneurial women on board who are opening the first Begin Bright Franchises in October. We have one starting in Ryde, NSW and one in Cairns, QLD. Now that they’re getting underway, I have had many calls from people who want to move to the next stage because they know they’re not the first. I personally love being the first, there’s nothing like the thrill of breaking new ground, getting a result that was unimaginable or charting unexplored territory. That’s the key that separates employees and employers, do you want a regular pay check, or can you handle not knowing exactly how much money you’re going to make next month?

From mature franchise systems that I have studied, it seems that the original people that started are always the best because they get all of the attention and commitment of the franchisor. Let’s face it, I need them to succeed in order for my franchise goals to be reached so I will be doing my best to pump them up as much as possible. The first point always seems to be the hardest, so now I move on to the next stage in my franchise journey. Making sure that my training courses are the best in the industry, that our marketing is uniform and amazing across the board, that we have an awesome team culture and the brand becomes known across the country will now be put to the test.

For those reading that are struggling to get the first point, keep going. You may be nearly there. I believe that the people who succeed are not necessarily the ones who are the smartest, they are the ones that try the hardest. A stumbling block presents itself and you get back up again instead of giving up. Business is a game of persistence. If you have your clear vision and work hard, who knows how many points you could score and the amazing things that you could achieve.


Tina Tower is the Director of Begin Bright Learning Programs. Tina started her first business at the age of 20 and began developing the Begin Bright program. To fit around having a family, Tina began licensing the Begin Bright program in 2009 and has now entered the franchise industry.


Tina's mission in life is to run a fantastic company that makes children happy and confident, keep a happy husband, be a wonderful mother to two gorgeous boys and travel the world and experience the best life possible.


The first point is the hardest one to win
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Tina Tower

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