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Social media not delivering ‘bums on seats’

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Social media not delivering ‘bums on seats’

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While social media is great for building an online community, one business owner says it performs poorly at actually delivering new customers compared to another type of marketing.

That other type of marketing, says hairdresser Jules Peacocke of Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, is content.

“I think one of the key strategies that has really worked for us is content,” she explains.


“We don’t invest much in social media, which is where most of the investment happens now in our industry. Everyone is all about social media. Anyone who’s talking about our industry is talking about social media.

“Yes, there is definite resounding community building effect from social media, but if you want bums on seats, in my opinion, it’s content.”

Of course, social media can be used as one of many channels to distribute that content, but as Jules suggests, seeing is believing, and no amount of talking up your business on social media will demonstrate your skills and experience.

“[We have] an incredible amount of expertise in our business, years and years of industry experience and client experience, and being able to talk to the client that was asking the question was where we really started to say that our business was going to have this massive leap.”

Jules’ business partner Amajjika Kumara says that content revolves around positioning Jules as a subject matter expert, and uses her knowledge and experience as an education tool for prospective new customers.

“The challenge really for me was to actually cajole Jules into taking more of an active role and a front person role for the business,” says Amajjika.



“It was gently pushing Jules to basically say, ‘You are unique. You’re amazing. Let’s tell the world about it.’ But then also deep-diving into all of this stuff that we try all the stylist took for granted in terms of the customer service excellence, you know, just their technical expertise, I would tease that out and turn that into everyday content.”

There are numerous benefits of taking this approach to marketing – as well as putting your skills and experience on public display, having a variety of content out there in the marketplace builds trust, respect and an element of prestige to your business and you as the face of the business.

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Adam Zuchetti

Adam Zuchetti

Adam Zuchetti is the editor of My Business, and has steered the publication’s editorial direction since early 2016. 

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Social media not delivering ‘bums on seats’
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