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How to make customers happy and keep them coming back

Julianne Leybag
05 April 2018 3 minute readShare

After landing the first customer, business owners are now on their way to growing their market base. Here’s how to do just that.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important—if not the most important—business consideration that business owners should always bear in mind. Here’s what business owners should consider when it comes to keeping their customer base satisfied.

Be warm and genuine

Everything starts with good personal relations. When business owners are warm, genuine, and show interest in their customers, this positive energy will be reflected directly by the customer.

When business owners respond to customer queries right away or attend to their concerns promptly, they will feel valued and important. This is why it is important that there is an open line of communication between business owners and their customers.

Online, it is advisable for business owners to respond to customers’ messages within two hours or less. Keeping customers aware and updated on any process, product, or technology upgrades will make them feel they are part of the business and will help business owners gain more of their trust, confidence, and patronage.

Add and improve on value

Quality, reliability, great pricing, and professional customer service define business excellence and show that businesses really care about their customers. When business owners consider their feedback on aspects of the business that need improvement, business owners are most often creating a customer for life.

Of course, businesses should always aspire and see to it that they provide quality products and great services, but when it comes to committing a mistake—as no business is ever perfect—businesses should not be afraid to admit it and own up to these mistakes.

More good than bad can come when businesses truthfully admit mistakes to customers, but it is also important to assure customers that the business ante up their level of offerings and performance.

These errors are just minor setbacks, so business owners should proceed by ensuring customers that this will never happen again, then strive to make things right. Stay in touch.

Communication is of utmost importance when running a business. When a customer has already purchased/availed of the business’ product/service, business owners should then devote some time and resources to continuing on strengthening their relationship with customers aside from merely setting their sights on the next transaction.

Business owners should consistently build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with their customers through regular communication. However, keep in mind that there is a fine line between good customer communication and being a nuisance.

Also try face-to-face chats with customers. Learn more about personal meetings with customers here.

Speak the customer’s language

When business owners speak their customer’s language, this means that they know and understand their individual situations, including their likes, wants, and even their aspirations, and then using this knowledge in conducting business with them. Business owners need both experience and statistics in order to effectively get in touch with their customers.

Business owners can employ market and needs analyses to know more about their customers and what makes them tick. These will reveal the kinds of products and services that customers usually prefer.

Information from these analyses will also help in forming a clearer image of what makes customers buy/avail a product/service, including their motivations to do so. Market and needs analyses also serve as basis to align any information revealed to make proper preparation and anticipation for future customer preferences in order for business owners to immediately streamline their business objectives as a means to accurately respond to these customer preferences.

A little bit of exposure and experience also helps. Business owners can choose to go incognito and shop where customers frequent, or sample the online purchasing sites they regularly visit. Doing so helps to better understand the types of products/services that catch their fancy. Business owners will then be able to offer products/services customers not only need but also want.

Reward loyalty

There is nothing sweeter for a customer than getting a freebie or prize from a business for their continued support and patronage. Rewards can either be freebies, exclusive offers, or gaining VIP access to the shop or business location(s) usually off-limits to “one-time” customers.

If the business’ budget allows for it, free movie or concert tickets, all-expense-paid spa services, or even the simplest free serving of iced coffee make a great impact on customers.

Don’t forget the fun

There is no doubt that business owners need to take everything seriously about their business, especially with regards to customer satisfaction. But this doesn’t mean that business owners shouldn’t have fun. In fact, fun should be one of they key ingredients in making sure that customers remain satisfied.

A brand that is perceived to be of the highest quality but is also fun (and never boring) almost always attracts new customers and keeps its current ones fulfilled. Fun ensures and delivers a multidimensional experience.

Take the business seriously, but never appear too serious towards customers. Overly serious businesses with too serious of a product or service bore customers, so business owners should always aspire to be perceived as a fun, quality brand.

How to make customers happy and keep them coming back
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