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What sells best on eBay?

Julianne Leybag
14 June 2017 2 minute readShare
best on eBay

For budding eBay entrepreneurs, it can be hard to determine what items are sellable enough to help the online business remain up and running, especially during its first few stages. My Business discusses some of the hottest-selling items on eBay that online sellers can consider.

eBay is the most popular online selling platform around the world. This scope of global reach is why competition is fierce. For the business to be ahead of the competition, business owners need to know what they’re doing and what must-sell items that are on demand can they offer.

Here are some of the bestselling items on eBay, in no particular order:

  • Jewellery/watches
  • Home decor
  • Sports gear
  • Gadgets/tech
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Collectible items
  • Garden decor


Jewellery and watches sell like pancakes in eBay mostly because these can be bought in eBay for cheap, whether brand new or second hand. Some popular watch brands in eBay include Casio, Swatch and Seiko.

Home decor

eBay is a very convenient place to shop for people looking to buy hefty stuff such as home furnishings and decor. After checking out, the customer may have the option to have the item shipped or picked up from a certain location.

Home furnishings that are popular on eBay include coffee tables, lamps and lights and couches.

Sports gear

Fitness clothing and gear is also a wildly popular category among eBay customers. The online marketplace sells anything from biking gear, yoga mats, running shoes, football gear and golf gear.


Smartphones and other gadgets are probably the most popular items on eBay, with three iPhone items being sold every minute. Aside from smartphones, this niche can includes accessories such as earphones, speakers and smartphone protective casings. Other popular brands include Samsung and Sony.


Shopping for clothes is easy on eBay since everything can be delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. Selling clothing items on eBay is also beneficial for new sellers since has a reasonable price point and the popularity allows for faster return of investment.

Business owners can choose to sell any kind of clothing, from men and women’s clothing to kids and baby clothing and clothing for pets.


A pair of shoes gets sold on eBay every 12 seconds—making shoes some of the more popular items on the platform. Some popular shoe brands on eBay include Adidas, Nike and New Balance.


Online bookshops are all the rage these days, especially for bookworms who don’t want to leave the comfort of their homes—one can simply have their books delivered to them instead. Books from online marketplaces like eBay are also relatively cheaper, whether second hand or otherwise.

Online sellers who might have a few books lying around can choose to sell these on eBay and make a profit, especially rare books which will surely be snapped up by customers.

Collectible items

eBay is a favorite haunt among collectors looking for rare and hard-to-find items, from antiques to rare comic books and other collectibles. Since eBay is full of people looking for rare goods, business owners can consider selling these in order to gain more profit and keep the business up and running.

Garden decor

Garden furnishings and decor are also among eBay’s bestsellers. These usually include outdoor chairs, parasols, outdoor barbecue grills and tents. These kinds of items are pretty heavy and is why a lot of buyers choose to go on eBay instead—since items are cheaper and can be delivered straight to their homes.

Aside from researching on what items sell best on eBay, sellers should also take into consideration their target market and current trends. A certain trend might set off a sudden popularity in a specific item, which will then lead to more buyers looking for the product.

Moreover, online sellers are also advised to refrain from offering too many categories of different products at the same time, especially for new sellers. Sellers should instead decide on what particular niche they would like to focus on, taking it from there to start building a repository of products. This will make it easier for buyers to select what they need from the shop and also makes for easier name recall among customers.

What sells best on eBay?
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