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Where to find cheap items to sell on eBay

Julianne Leybag
09 July 2018 3 minute readShare
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Looking to start a buy-and-sell business on eBay? My Business compiles a selection of merchandise sources that will help new business ventures thrive in locating the hottest, most-sellable product.

Buying and selling things online on eBay or online shopping sites isn’t a fad. The various selection of products and ease of transaction with which these products are bought and sold are among the many benefits an online buy-and-sell business offers, proving their large popularity and growing buyer market.

Wondering which items are hot and in-demand and where to find them? Consider the following sources:

  • Own creations
  • Thrift stores and flea markets
  • From street vendors
  • From drop shipping providers
  • From small, independent businesses
  • Surplus and auctions
  • From liquidators
  • Factory outlets
  • Fairs
  • From eBay itself

Own creations

Put own creations for sale, such as paintings, arts and crafts, and e-books. Find who the target customers are on eBay and test which creations sell to know which products need further marketing strategies.

Thrift stores and flea markets

Scour thrift stores and flea markets in the area that offers products not usually found in other stores. Identify sellable items/products from the uninteresting ones. Do some cleaning and restoration on those items/products.

From street vendors

Street vendors in large cities are usually sources of quality and affordable products that you may consider selling on eBay. It is important though to check if the product does not have any patent, copyright, or counterfeit issues.

From drop shipping providers

As a retail fulfilment method, drop shipping takes place when a provider doesn’t have in-store products and purchases items to sell from a third party who ships the product to the customer. Drop shipping allows for flexibility and customisation of product lines.

From small, independent businesses

Several artisanal handmade non-perishable shops or stores are in most towns and locales with quality and affordable items. Find and buy directly quality products that may sell well on eBay or find a good shop or artisanal supplier that can provide quality products. Products can be sold at a slightly higher price or markup if agreed upon with the supplier.

Build a good relationship and rapport with the artisanal shop or supplier. They may give information on other items that other shops might have if they don’t supply them.

Surplus and auctions

Surplus shops and auction houses can have products and items. Government agencies, from national/federal, state to the local levels, have surplus property divisions/departments for liquidating antiquated, old, upgraded, off-lease, or tax-confiscated items and goods.

Browse through your local white pages and inquire about surplus and auction sales.

From liquidators

Liquidators can be a great source of re-sellable items, offering marketable stock and high-end brands or product lines.  However, they may not provide a steady supply of these desirable, high-end brands.

Factory outlets

Most overstock, demo (demonstration), scratched/dented/slightly damaged goods and merchandise can be found in factory outlets. Factory outlets can provide a steady supply of not-quite-A-standard-but-still-sellable items that may be improved, cleaned, and/or restored to sell on a markup on eBay. Just remember those factory outlets are different from outlet malls that simply are strip malls.


Annual or semi-annual country or state fairs can provide opportunities to get in touch with and know local manufacturers. Many local producers are looking for a larger customer base. Convince them to trust your methods to sell their products to more people.

From eBay itself

Consider eBay as a possible supplier of products that can be improved, refurbished, and upgraded for resale.

Always make sure to have a target market/customer base that patronises your remodelled/refurbished products.

A list of sellable items in eBay that you need to find, purchase, and resell are:

  • Own creations and/or personalised items
  • Vintage or hard-to-find items and products
  • Preloved and refurbished items, tools, and equipment
  • Jewelry, accessories, and precious stones/metals
  • Auto/car parts
  • Collectible items
  • Laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, and other electronic gadgets

These items have a large buying public or a niche target market.

With great items and a selection of reliable sources and suppliers, start your own buy-and-sell business on eBay and do marketing strategies to stay ahead and be on top of the competition.

Marketing strategies can boost the sellability of products and need not be complicated and expensive. Remember, any marketing strategy is better than no marketing strategy.

Where to find cheap items to sell on eBay
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Julianne Leybag

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