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How to start up a café business

Julianne Leybag
09 July 2018 3 minute readShare
start up a café business

With millions of coffee drinkers in Australia, the coffeehouse industry is seeing large growth over the years. Looking to share one’s passion for coffee by building a café? My Business helps would-be business owners prepare for and understand the necessary requirements in starting a successful and thriving café business.

Business owners start with a vision and with your passion for coffee. They should then share this vision, this passion, to more people by starting and running their own café business.

Aside from the best coffee beans,  account and prepare for the following:

  • Business plan
  • Sufficient funding
  • Look for the right location
  • Craft a floor plan
  • Hire a trusted accountant
  • Hire the right employees
  • Begin marketing even before opening day
  • Insist on excellence

Business plan

Everything starts with a clear vision. The desired café business must start with a solid business plan that details what the café business exactly is, where capital will be sourced and the necessary operational funding, and how the new business will be profitable. It also identifies the customer base and defines the business’ prospective market reach, taking into detailed account the business’ competitors.

A realistic set of objectives and plans for growth should also be included, as well as troubleshooting techniques and strategies that would be implemented in challenging, tough times especially in the beginning stages of thecafé business.

A sound business plan is realistic without being void of aspirations,  pragmatic, specific, measurable, and be time-bound and time-specific as possible.

Sufficient funding

The most important consideration in starting a new café business is the source of funding. Whether one’s current funds is enough to fund the start-up or if the business needs to consider getting funding assistance from lending institutions first, funding can potentially make or break the café business.  

Ask family and friends if they could assist financially in starting one’s business endeavours. , Banks and other financial institutions offer start-up loans.

Look for the right location

The right location and building are big factors in the success or failure of the planned café.

Find the right location that is centrally located, easily accessible, is near where people gather, and aesthetically promising, functional, and conducive to the business and its operations.

Be patient as business owners can take a long time to scout and check several locations before finally finding the right location, building, and space.

Craft a floor plan

Craft the coffee house’s floor plan that is efficient and effective. This includes providing space to allow customers to form a queue, for employees to have access to coffee-making equipment, tools, and materials and for those to be within reach, and a large enough space to craft coffee without sacrificing quality.  Of utmost importance is creating a seating area that is both comfortable and cosy for potential customers.

Hire professionals such as interior specialists and construction engineers, and tell them what the business needs. Collaborate and come up with the best floor plan that allows optimal functionality in operations along with comfort and cosiness.

Hire a trusted accountant

Turn the books of account over to a trusted accountant who knows how to work out the numbers and maintain the business’ books. Hire the right employees

Hire smart.  by choosing the right employees. Consider hiring a few trusted friends. Bring in staff that are competent enough to do the actual work after passing a thorough selection and interview process. Make sure to check how well staff execute what they know and always keep a close eye on the floor, the operations, and the register.

Begin marketing even before opening day

Effect a marketing strategy before the business’ opening day. Make some noise and let people know that there’s a new café in town that has great coffee, ambiance, and service.

A sound online marketing strategy can be helpful aside from the traditional word-of-mouth and print advertising. Establish an online presence on the social media platforms that prospective customers and target market frequent. Create engaging content that leads customers to the website and to the coffeehouse.

One could also drop free coffee samples with business flyers at nearby local businesses to entice residents to come to the café. Another option is to give some coffee samples at local events near the potential location.

Insist on excellence

Insist on excellence. Be demanding. Set reasonably high standards for employees, business operations, and to all activity on the floor. Avoid overexerting and micromanaging the business and have a flexible and open mind. Be open to possible collaboration and welcome change if it is necessary to bring success to the business.

Hold on to the business ideals that business owners should aim for.  A keen business person insists on realistic solutions and hopeful pragmatism in running a successful café business.

How to start up a café business
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