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5 tips to becoming better at sales

Julianne Leybag
02 August 2018 3 minute readShare
High sales, boost sales

Anyone can get into sales, but not everyone can become a great salesperson. Read on as My Business discusses how individuals and businesses can improve their sales skills and drive revenue growth.

The keys to success in sales doesn’t always depend on the gift of gab—there are a lot of other factors involved to become a good salesperson.

Consider the following sales rep tips and tricks when creating sales techniques that work:

  • Analysing the target market
  • Backing up claims with research and statistics
  • Consider appealing to emotion
  • Under-promising and over-delivering
  • Being an honest salesperson

Analysing the target market

There are a lot of types of sales techniques, but at the root of these successful sales techniques is a target market that is well-studied and well-analysed. If an individual knows just what kind of people they want to sell products to and what market need their product addresses, this will save a lot of time and effort and open up more opportunities for the business.

The first step towards knowing and analysing the target market is by frequenting places where individuals can meet a lot of people who can potentially patronise their products in the future.

However, if the target market itself is not yet clearly defined, business owners can start by testing their products and services with various audiences and analysing where the majority of potential buyers could come from.

Backing up claims with research and statistics

One of the most effective tips when becoming a good salesperson is by backing up sales claims with actual research, facts and statistics. If the words “studies show” and “according to research” are used in any marketing campaign, it shows that the business had actually taken the time to test and analyse product information and ensure that their product is safe for customers.

Conducting research and analysis on a particular product for the sake of marketing might seem insignificant and tedious, but answering the question “how to be a good salesman/saleswoman” means putting in all the necessary time, money and effort for the sake of making a product sellable and appealing to customers.

Consider appealing to emotion

For the most part, customers buy and patronise a product mostly because the product is something that they actually need. However, there are still outliers in this situation—people who buy a product due to emotional reasons.

Business leaders and employees alike can capitalise on customers’ emotions by identifying what customers really want. Go beyond the surface by analysing what compels a customer to buy certain things.

For example, if a person likes buying cosmetics, they could be driven by the desire to feel beautiful. Or if a person likes buying cars, jewellery and eating expensive food, they might like looking/feeling successful—hence the desire to buy things that are status symbols.

Under-promising and over-delivering

Failing to meet customer expectations on a particular product is a sure-fire way for businesses and salespeople to fail at sales. Overestimating a product’s ability to cater to the wants and needs of customers can be very risky and could cause customers to stop patronising the business aside from getting disappointed in the business’ products.

The world of sales is characterised by high levels of risk—salespeople must always create customer expectations that are realistic and level-headed.

This gives salespeople an opportunity to exceed customer expectations and over-deliver, which is frankly much more ideal compared to over-promising and under-delivering. Remember to always stay realistic even when marketing products and services.

Being an honest salesperson

When a business or an individual fails to meet the product expectations of a customer, there is a high possibility that the customer might think that the business is dishonest. Failing to combat this kind of thinking among customers could cause the business to lose more customers, ultimately sparking its downfall.

A lot of people might think that salespeople will do everything they can—including lying to customers—for them to sell a product, when in fact it’s honesty and dependability that makes great salespeople great.

Being on the side of honesty at the start of a person’s sales career is a good way to become a successful salesperson. Building on these traits helps build customer trust in the business and its products and helps build a loyal audience base that is fully confident in the products and services offered by the business.  

5 tips to becoming better at sales
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