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Myer's Christmas 2012 plans revealed

Justin Grey
31 January 2012 1 minute readShare

Can you recruit elves or a magical station master? If so, we have got an amazing business opportunity for you as Myer looks to refresh its 'Santaland'.

Myer has just published an ad that shows the advanced thinking big retailers apply to Christmas.

Myer's Santaland ad from The Australian.
Click on the ad to see a larger, legible, version.

The ad (click on the image at right to see it full size) asks would-be providers of 'Santaland' trains and Santa visitation rooms to put forward their plans for the 2012 festive season.

If you're keen, you'll need to provide "strategy and planning" plus "creative concepts, design and layout" for a fit-out that includes a train capable of hauling ten kids around half a dozen Myer stores.

You'll also need a plan for storing the Santaland fixtures when they aren't in use, which says to us that the current Santaland just became Santalandfill. The winner of this gig will therefore be setting a fresh Christmas agenda for Myer.

The ad says you'll need to hire speciality staff but doesn't list Santas - perhaps Myer does that recruitment itself?

If you apply for this gig, do let us know - My Business would love to know of your adventures in Santaland.

Myer's Christmas 2012 plans revealed
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Justin Grey

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