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What small business wants from the budget

Justin Grey
10 May 2011 1 minute readShare
A collection of Australian bills with the words FEDERAL BUDGET

On budget eve, we've asked small businesses what they hope Treasurer Wayne Swan will announce when he takes to his feet in Parliament House tonight.

But as Small Business Minister Nick Sherry told us last week, the small business community has to wait for the speech to learn if we have any nice new programs.

Small business has a few things it would like to see.

Greg Ferrett, CEO of Avado Organics, says it is time for action on the Australian Dollar.

“Avado Organics sells in Australian dollars and has been disadvantaged with a 40 per cent increase in cost of sales due to the strength of the Australian dollar,” he said to My Business.

“There is a premium people will pay to purchase quality organic products. 40 per cent is getting to a point where we are becoming non-competitive to countries like New Zealand.”

Robert Crowe, a Director of Amplify Me, wants certainty.

“The overarching issue for our business and client base is uncertainty,” he said.

“This Government has recently announced many initiatives, without revealing sufficient levels of detail for businesses to take adequate action, and cut other programs short of their expected finish dates."

"Uncertainty has been affecting the start of projects, as our clients wait to see what is happening with carbon taxes, interest rates, cost of fuel and the effect of the dollar on exports and tourism.

"As a result, spending on consultancy services has also been tightening, and there has been a corresponding effect on cash flow as debtors stretch out payments and creditors become anxious.

"It’s our hope that the budget will provide a clearer picture and significant detail to allow us and our clients to ‘move forward’.”

Craig Grffiths of Askfindbuy feels the carbon tax has to go.

“The carbon tax, drop it. Just drop it,” he said.

“The Government doesn't know what the tax will look like because the ‘Greens’ haven't told them yet.

We are less than one per cent of the world carbon problem.

Yet this Government thinks the world will follow our lead and tax their citizens into hell.”

Justin Tamsett of Active Management hopes the budget includes some incentives for people to exercise more

“I want a rebate for gym membership that you claim through Medicare based on how much you use the gym,” he said.

“I am thinking $2 a visit.

"So if you use the gym 150 times a year you will be eligible for $300.

"This is a pro-active strategy to manage the ever increasing health bill of Australia.

"This strategy would help reduce obesity but would also help in mental health, mobility for the aged, reduction of diabetes and many other health conditions.”

These responses came from members of the My Business Rapid Response Team, an informal panel of business owners we ask to comment on events that impact small business.

What small business wants from the budget
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Justin Grey

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