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Social Media

10 ways to use social media to interact with customers

We've listed down ten best practices on how you should implement social media interaction strategies with your customers. Check them out now!

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The 7 mistakes business owners make on social media

Business owners who fail to benefit from social media marketing must step back and reassess their marketing strategies. Some of the most common social media marketing mistakes business owners make include lack of social media strategy, lack of content objectives, lack of consistency, failing to allocate resources, lack of audience engagement and failing to target the right audience. Business owners must be able to address these mistakes  to design an effective social media marketing strategy.

5 wrong ways to manage your social media

When it comes to social media management, business owners and digital marketers should always take time to know their audience, avoid being disingenuous, refrain from hijacking causes or events, refrain getting too emotional and avoid being at the mercy of trolls. By avoiding these social media management practices, businesses will have a higher possibility of connecting to their audience and bringing their business closer to their customer base.

Social media: opportunity or hazard?

Business owners are still wary when delving into social media marketing—social media marketing can come with various risks. Some of these include information leaks, possible damages to the business’ reputation and security issues. But the biggest risks can come from profit and revenue loss: if businesses refuse to invest in social media marketing, it will be seen as a large opportunity loss especially since people are now social media-dependent. This is why business owners must not be afraid to try social media marketing for their business to widen their audience reach.

Are social media ads worth the money?

Social media ads might be expensive right off the bat—but with the current trend of shifting onto digital platforms, business owners should consider investing in social media advertisements. Social media ads allows businesses to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness among consumers. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer competitive packages for business owners who want to try out social media advertising.


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