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ADVERTORIAL Three tips when you shop for multifunction devices

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Shopping for a printer/copier/fax? Fuji Xerox Australia has three tips to help you shop wisely. 

Shopping for a printer/copier/fax? Fuji Xerox Australia has three tips to help you shop wisely.

Clearly define your requirements


Understand what you intend the Multifunction Device (MFD) to do for your end users and how MFDs will support business applications and provide value-add capabilities. Beyond printing and copying, how do you want to use the MFD to help manage documents, reduce paper usage, simplify workflow, manage forms, etc?

Here are a couple of basic questions that you need to ask.

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  1. How many copy, print, scan, fax and email jobs will the device handle each day? Are there peak usage periods.
  2. What is the total monthly volume of output? If there are peak usage periods, how much is printed then?
  3. Is there a broad range of Multifunction devices available from the MFD vendor? Does this range provide suitable choice of print and scanning speeds and solutions that can improve the efficiency of your workgroups?
  4. Do you need to offer, as well as control, both black-and white and colour printing? Can the MFD you are interested in support the need to monitor and control colour printing?
  5. Can the vendor’s range of Multifunction devices connect with your existing business applications? Can the solution be customised to your requirements?

Total Cost of Ownership and MFD cost/value benefits

MFDs are useful assets to help manage and control printing and imaging costs , and also add new capabilities to your organisation. Consider how MFDs can address total cost of ownership, improve print resource allocation across the user base, lift business process efficiencies and minimise cost and environmental impacts.

  1. Does the vendor provide fact-based tools and methods to help you assess current TCO and estimate return on investments?
  2. Is there a common, modular architecture across the product family in order that your users only need to be familiar with one style of user interfaces?
  3. Do different product models perform the same functions the same way across the product family?
  4. Can the implementation of an MFD reduce the number of small printers, faxes and scanners scattered through your organisation? If so what are the cost, space, staff, network and environmental savings?
  5. Can the vendor provide you facts on how this device rationalisation can minimise your carbon footprint?

Ease of Use

Ease of use for end users means less calls to the help desk, and fewer IT resources for training and problem management. Usability should be paramount and without compromise.

  1. Are the product user interfaces intuitive?
  2. Does the family of products offer a common UI?
  3. Are the software application user interfaces intuitive?
  4. How much training is required for a user to become functional?
  5. Should a paper jam occur, does the product provide the user with simple and easy-to- understand instructions on what do to next?

For more information about Fuji Xerox multifunction device, call us on 13 14 12


ADVERTORIAL Three tips when you shop for multifunction devices
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