Reckon releases new version of Retail Point-of-Sale software

Reckons_Retail_Point-of-Sale_softwareReckon has announced the release of a new version of Reckon Retail Point-of-Sale, its popular point-of-sale software package.

Reckon has announced the release of a new version of Reckon Retail Point-of-Sale, its popular point-of-sale software package.

The value of an effective point-of-sale system cannot be underestimated. A professional electronic POS system makes sales processes simpler and can improve overall business management.

As in most areas of technology, POS systems are always improving and software specialist Reckon has just released a new version of their POS program. Reckon’s Retail Point-of-Sale software is used by a diverse range of businesses in Australia, from cafes and restaurants to mechanics and beauty salons.

Integrated with the latest version of QuickBooks, Reckon Retail Point-of-Sale software handles sales, stock management and customer tracking in a single interface, while QuickBooks operates as the financial manager of the system, handling pricing, inventory levels, as well as all the business accounting requirements including reporting.

Among the new features in Reckon’s Retail Point-of-Sale software is a new waitlist within the Appointment Manager, which is designed to improve customer service by allowing users to put potential customers on a waiting list and fill appointments or bookings that become open. Also, the Table Manager now allows users to tailor the layout to suit their business resource allocation, such as car bays in a mechanic or various treatment areas in a beauty salon.

Reckon’s new POS software is also ready to take advantage of the soon-to-be-released Reckon SMS service. In the near future Reckon is launching a new service for retailers that will enable them to automatically send messages to customers reminding them of upcoming bookings. Reckon says the SMS service has been introduced to help businesses reduce no-shows and time spent phoning customers about appointments.

Reckon Retail Point-of-Sale is now available in major retails stores across Australia. The Reckon Retail Starter Kit includes the Point-of-Sale and QuickBooks software, as well as barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer for $1,099. Click here to read more.

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