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People matter – especially yours

28 October 2020 1 minute readShare

Promoted by AHRI

Staffing policy support with AHRI membership.

When you’re a small or medium enterprise, you rely on your staff to keep your business running in top form. Likewise, your staff relies on you to make sure you’re compliant on payroll and superannuation laws.

Keeping abreast of the ever-changing employment and industrial laws can be rather overwhelming, and you’re best off spending your time figuring out the strategic direction of your business than which awards your staff are entitled to.

If you’ve ever asked your payroll or admin staff about this, it’s likely they’ve rolled their eyes. AHRI can help them – and you – with dedicated human resource support and best-practice policy templates.

First, there’s AHRI:ASSIST – where you can search for standard policy templates including recruitment paperwork, casual or part-time employment documents and compliancy templates. For those harder-to-answer employment questions, there’s Ask AHRI:ASSIST – where an experienced HR professional answers your question personally to give you an exact response to your situation.

Then there’s training support, including AHRI member rates to short courses for your staff in areas where further skills can push your business to the next level. Courses on foundational management, performance and emotional intelligence can help team leaders or new managers with critical skills. Or, for your admin or payroll staff, there’s AHRI’s BSB41015 Certificate IV in HR – a foundational-level HR course to help them perform their people management duties more efficiently, and effectively.

AHRI membership for small business also won’t break the bank. At just $330 per year, Affiliate Membership is perfect to keep your business staff supported, trained and most importantly, compliant.

Learn more about AHRI Affiliate Membership at ahri.com.au/affiliate

People matter – especially yours
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