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The businesses we work with

Bramelle Partners
29 October 2020 2 minute readShare

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Being a family-run professional accounting firm made up of chartered accountants, we can provide both the level of expertise small businesses need and the friendly, empathetic service they enjoy.

We know what it’s like to start something from scratch, pour your heart and soul into it, and eventually see it scale to such a point that you can take the occasional holiday! It’s a very nice feeling. And we’ve helped many of our clients feel the same way.

A great example of ‘outsourced finance department’ success

One example is a consulting company we work with based in Melbourne. They’ve been a client of our ‘outsourced finance department’ services for more than three years now and we’ve played a key role in their scale up story.

When they joined, they already had more than 20 staff and over $3.5 million in annual turnover. They were no new venture. However, they still had no in-house bookkeeper, accountant, or finance team member of any kind.

It is amazing, and a testament to their incredible business, how far they had gotten without an in-house finance team.

Our role was to bring in the missing capability for a fixed monthly fee, providing the leadership team with total peace of mind that their finance department was taken care of. Since then, we’ve helped them navigate a range of strategic decisions and opportunities to reach where they are today.

And where are they today? Over 80 staff and more than $12 million in annual turnover. Importantly to us, a point of pride, is that they still don’t have a single accounting or finance employee in-house. We have been able to scale with them, attending to all their needs, in a cost-effective and timely manner to such an extent that they haven’t needed to look anywhere else for additional support.

That, and seeing the joy that it brings them, is what drives us in our small but highly effective family-run practice.

Your partner and launch pad

Being an accounting and advisory firm, we get to be a “fly on the wall” in some very exciting businesses and situations. Of course, we’re not just watching and listening, we’re often found rolling up our sleeves and playing our part in complex decisions, deals and quick thinking that mean so much to the growth and success of our clients.

For another example, we’ve recently seen a startup client go from two founders and an idea to more than $300 million in annual turnover! Getting to be there, every step of the way, for a journey like that, is more of an education than any of us got at university! And we get to share that calibre of commercial knowledge and insight with other clients, which is the main benefit to you of working with an experienced team of professionals.

Stories like that are what we live for, as our success and growth is entirely dependent on the success and growth of our clients.

However, it’s not just the stories of hyper growth that we love. Helping a small business owner find enough scale to be able to rely on other people, get away on occasion, travel the world and support their families, is another kind of joy. It’s not an easy thing to achieve for a range of other reasons, and the satisfaction is just as real for small business owners.

Having extensive experience supporting business owners and leaders, from startup to exit, means we can provide just the right level of input you need to help make sure you achieve the goals you have.

Being in small business is never easy, but it’s a little more fun and comforting with a professional advisor at your side.

The businesses we work with
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Bramelle Partners

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